Drawing Resilience

I was facilitating a workshop at a conference on coaching psychology organised by the British Psychological Society yesterday. As you might expect, I was exploring with the delegates my learning from over a year of being immersed in my resilience project. I had the opportunity to ask the delegates to draw resilience for me. MyContinue reading “Drawing Resilience”

5 Principles to Working 5 Hours Per Day

Two articles caught my eye this week about working hours; one in the Guardian about how workers need to take back control of their working lives; the other in the Huffington Post by the chief executive of Tower Paddle Boards, Stephan Aarstol, who decided to instigate a five hour working day within his business. AdmittedlyContinue reading “5 Principles to Working 5 Hours Per Day”

Recruitment Resilience

The exploration of resilience that I’ve been involved in for over a year has thrown up some interesting questions from different quarters. One question that I’m often asked by those with more than a passing interest in recruiting people is whether you can recruit for resilience. The answer is complicated because people are complicated. PsychologicalContinue reading “Recruitment Resilience”

In What Ways is Your Team Dysfunctional?

Deep down, in places you don’t talk about at networking events, you know that your team is dysfunctional. You know that there are conversations that you should be having and issues you should be addressing with your team but you don’t do either because it means you all having to face the truth. And youContinue reading “In What Ways is Your Team Dysfunctional?”

How are you choosing to view that difficult situation at work?

I often have conversations with those that I coach about ways to handle difficult relationships in the workplace. Whether the problem is with someone they manage, someone they work alongside or someone that manages them, relationship issues are frequently a cause of frustration, anger and distress for people at work. Establishing the truth of theContinue reading “How are you choosing to view that difficult situation at work?”

Returning to Resilience

August has come and gone and another summer has slipped by. This year I have managed to make the most of the marvel that is England when the sun is shining. Day trips have been many and varied. I must be getting old for I have joined the National Trust and also bought an annualContinue reading “Returning to Resilience”