Personality Profiling

Our personalities are unique, complex and very difficult to understand. To quote Monty Python.  “We are all individuals. We are all different.”

However, there are a number of steps we can take to understand our own personalities better, and also to understand the personalities of our colleagues. One of the easiest of these steps is to use a personality profiling tool, designed to offer a guide to understanding ourselves and how we interact with others better.

People are often amazed at the accuracy of personality profiling reports when they read their own and, with this new found self-awareness, they start to understand their own reactions and behaviours, and begin to see how others might see them too.

When it come to working in teams, personality profiling is able to provide a unique window to a world where it’s important to understand team dynamics, personality clashes, leadership capability, team strengths and team cohesion.

To better understand yourself, colleagues and the way you view one another, be sure to take a look at our range of personality profiling tools. We are able to provide individual reports, team reports and feedback to help you make the most of investing in personality profiling.

We offer the following profiles and are able to advise on which would be most suitable for your requirements: –

MBTI   Personality Types

Hogan Assessments   Potential, Development, Motivators and Values

EQ2.0   Emotional Intelligence

Belbin   Team Roles

Each report offers something different for individuals and teams so it’s worth having a conversation with us about what would provide the most value.

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