Resilient Leadership

There are some enlightened businesses out there that pro-actively seek to ensure that the people working for the organisation don’t suffer from over-work and too much stress. Seriously, there are some. However you don’t have to look to hard when you’re in the world of people development to find examples of businesses that, even ifContinue reading “Resilient Leadership”

Getting My Mojo Back!

I found myself talking about writing to a coaching group that I was training this morning. I’m intending to write a book this year on Leadership Resilience. I asked the group to coach me on the topic. They did well and asked questions that generated some new thinking for me, which is what coaching isContinue reading “Getting My Mojo Back!”

Returning to Resilience

August has come and gone and another summer has slipped by. This year I have managed to make the most of the marvel that is England when the sun is shining. Day trips have been many and varied. I must be getting old for I have joined the National Trust and also bought an annualContinue reading “Returning to Resilience”

Connecting With Solitude – Day 317 – 366 Days of Resilience

Back in 2012 Sherry Turkle gave her second TED talk in California, entitled ‘Connected but Alone’. Her first talk had been a celebration of technology and the internet in particular; her second talk was a warning about the way that advances in technology, and specifically handheld devices, are changing who we are. She spoke ofContinue reading “Connecting With Solitude – Day 317 – 366 Days of Resilience”

Thanks for the Memories – Day 316 – 366 Days of Resilience

I was facilitating a workshop this morning on emotional intelligent leadership and we spent some time exploring the impact of a strong emotional response being attached to a specific memory. We can all probably relate to the experience of having a memory triggered by a piece of music, an aroma, of maybe just a randomContinue reading “Thanks for the Memories – Day 316 – 366 Days of Resilience”

Two-Dimensional Interaction – Day 315 – 366 Days of Resilience

We’re all conscious of how human interaction is changing at a much faster pace than our species has ever known; much, much faster. And it all has to do with what is possible on mobile phones and tablets. We are adapting well. We are embracing and utilising the technology to great effect. But at whatContinue reading “Two-Dimensional Interaction – Day 315 – 366 Days of Resilience”

Rounding the Bend – Day 314 – 366 Days of Resilience

I’m rounding the bend to enter the last straight on the final lap of my resilience writing. By the end of July it will all be over bar the shouting. 28th July is a date I have been keenly looking forward to. The odd thing is though that I am starting to think about whatContinue reading “Rounding the Bend – Day 314 – 366 Days of Resilience”

Is Empathy Good For Us? – Day 313 – 366 Days of Resilience

None of us live in a vacuum and our resilience doesn’t exist in one either. Our social environment has an impact on how resilient we are feeling, and those closest to us probably have the greatest influence, even if they’re not intending to directly effect us. If we have a strong sense of empathy, someoneContinue reading “Is Empathy Good For Us? – Day 313 – 366 Days of Resilience”

Ali – Day 312 – 366 Days of Resilience

I wrote about Mohammed Ali back in March of this year and about his core values. Little did I know just a few short months ago that he would no longer be with us. Today the tributes are coming thick and fast from presidents to former opponents; from commentators to entertainers. There are few peopleContinue reading “Ali – Day 312 – 366 Days of Resilience”

Hasn’t She Got Any Mates? – Day 311 – 366 Days of Resilience

There’s a scene in Crocodile Dundee that has stayed with me for the last thirty years, (has it really been thirty years) in which Mike Dundee is talking to his love interest, Sue who is from New York, about psychiatrists. Sue is explaining why a fried of hers sees one and that  she goes to talk talkContinue reading “Hasn’t She Got Any Mates? – Day 311 – 366 Days of Resilience”