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If you’re considering working with a coach it’s very simple to contact us and to start a conversation about you, your life, your work and the relationships that are important to you.

That conversation will hopefully lead you to deeper conversations and those deeper conversations are guaranteed to generate some new thinking.

That new thinking will provide a springboard to self-awareness and personal growth that up to now you might have felt were beyond you. The awareness  and growth that you experience as an individual will have a profound impact on your life, the work you do and those you care about.

For the most part, those that we work with start a journey here and choose to have conversations with us over a period of weeks or months.

Sometimes they find the answers they’re looking for in a single session and sometimes they choose to have regular conversations because they enjoy the quality of the thinking they do when they talk with one of our coaches.

However long people choose to work with us for, we offer them the guarantee of our attention as they generate some new thinking.  We’re always delighted to hear those new thoughts, to help the owner of those thoughts to frame them, provide some challenge to them and to offer a different perspective.

The work we do together and the new thinking that you will do as a result will change your life, the work that you do and your relationships.

Coaching is powerful. It produces change and makes an important difference to people’s lives. Start exploring new possibilities with us today and let’s start generating some new thinking.

Recent coaching assignments:-

Leadership Coaching

Warwick Business School – Leadership coaching for senior managers

Warwick Manufacturing Group – Leadership coaching for senior managers

Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Partnership Trust – Leadership coaching for senior leaders

Derby University – Leadership coaching for senior lecturer

Warwick University – Leadership coaching on the Warwick Leadership Programme

Coventry University – Leadership coaching for senior academic staff

Professional Development Coaching

Jaguar Land Rover – Development coaching for member of management team

TNT – Development coaching for member of management team

LRQA – Career coaching for staff at various levels

Worcester College – Career coaching for staff at various levels

LR Scandpower – career coaching for staff at various levels

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