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At Silver Lobster we have a wealth of experience in coaching individuals and teams for development and performance.

Our coaching is always designed uniquely around the individual and their own professional development needs within their organisation. This builds a collaborative, productive relationship of both support and challenge.

Coaching has been acknowledged by CIPD to have the potential to increase performance by as much as 80%. Sometimes, performance at work can be affected by a number of personal and professional issues, and coaching provides an objective viewpoint and sounding board, as well as a guided process for resolving such challenges.

Drawing on positive psychology and our own business experience, we work to create a climate in which we are aware of the real challenges facing our clients and then work with them to explore the possible paths to overcoming those challenges. The attention we pay to our clients assists them in clarifying their thinking, which in turn optimises their motivation, sense of focus and confidence to achieve their goals, develop their careers and enhance their professional performance.

Being qualified coaches, licensed to deliver a range of psychometric tools that identify and utilise a clients’ preferences and strengths, we provide insightful and empathic understanding to our clients’ situations within a structured coaching environment.

Our clients have reported an increase in self-awareness self-esteem, motivation and focus, which leads  to greater confidence and enhanced performance.

Recent coaching assignments:-

Leadership Coaching

Warwick Business School – leadership coaching for senior managers

Warwick Manufacturing Group – leadership coaching for senior managers

Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Partnership Trust – leadership coaching for senior leaders

Derby University – leadership coaching for senior lecturer

Warwick University – leadership coaching on the Warwick Leadership Programme

Coventry University – leadership coaching for senior academic staff

Professional Development Coaching

Jaguar Land Rover – development coaching for member of management team

TNT – development coaching for member of management team

LRQA – career coaching for staff at various levels

Worcester College – career coaching for staff at various levels

LR Scandpower – career coaching for staff at various levels


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