Pairs Coaching

Pairs coaching involves a facilitated conversation, or series of conversations, between two executives or managers who may be struggling to communicate over an important issue.

This may involve a disagreement or may simply be a difficulty in finding a way to move forward together on particular aspect of the business.

Having an experienced executive coach facilitating the conversation enables both parties to communicate constructively to find a way forward that they’re both able to commit to.

There are times within most organisations when circumstances lead to an impasse between executives or managers. Such situations generally require a crucial conversation, or a series of crucial conversations to take place in order for the individuals and the organisation to move forward.

Unfortunately, many of us have the avoidance of crucial conversations down to a fine art.

Others of us are more readily able to have a difficult conversation, but not without getting blood on the walls.

Building successful business relationships requires difficult one to one conversations, but most of us have never learned how to have those conversations well. Even if we’ve managed to get past our avoidance of them, there’s a good chance that they will not go well when emotions are running high.

  • Pairs coaching is able to directly, and safely, facilitate crucial conversations for business leaders, whilst developing their ability to debate and resolve issues in the future.
  • Pairs coaching is also able to support highly functional executives and managers to envision the future together and work towards that envisioned future in a cohesive and effective way.

Our facilitation of pairs coaching within organisations leads to successful outcomes sees business leaders move beyond their own entrenched concerns to consider what the future might look like, working effectively together to build a brighter, more collaborative future.

Let’s have a conversation about how you might improve the crucial business conversations that matter to you most.

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