When Charismatic Leadership Fails

Charismatic leaders have the ability to communicate with people and lead on a profound, emotional level. They have the ability to articulate a captivating or compelling vision and evoke strong emotions in their followers. Think of Steve Jobs and Richard Branson, or maybe less positively, Hitler. Charismatic leadership is essentially a process, a series of interactions betweenContinue reading “When Charismatic Leadership Fails”

The Spanish Culture Club

The culture of Spanish football team Barcelona was enhanced more than a decade ago when they started to engage the players in a culture and a set of behaviours that would give Barcelona a competitive advantage. The three behaviours that have, since that time, underpinned Barcelona’s culture are ‘humility, hard work and putting the teamContinue reading “The Spanish Culture Club”

Resilient Leadership

There are some enlightened businesses out there that pro-actively seek to ensure that the people working for the organisation don’t suffer from over-work and too much stress. Seriously, there are some. However you don’t have to look to hard when you’re in the world of people development to find examples of businesses that, even ifContinue reading “Resilient Leadership”