Steve-Stretton-7-940x350Steve Stretton   Creative Consultant

Nobody wants coaching. I certainly didn’t. It’s an admission of failure, a reliance on somebody else when you should be sorting things out yourself. Then I talked to Tom. And I realised just how much I’d needed to talk to someone. In fact, it reminded me that one of the key ingredients of leadership is the ability to listen to others.  And that’s what happened, I talked and Tom listened and somehow I found new insights, mostly about myself, that enabled me to make decisions. But the first and most important decision was engaging Tom as a coach.


Moragh Brooksbank    Relationship Manager and Coachmoragh

Tom’s supervision is invaluable and I would recommend it to anyone seeking to move their thinking and practice on. Working with Tom over the last six months has been a transformative experience: I have developed greater confidence, improved my practice and learnt an enormous amount. He has encouraged me to value my skills and abilities, question my assumptions and take action. Tom has real ability to see to the heart of the matter and distil what is most important. He is insightful, challenging and supportive, open to questions, and an extraordinary listener, and the benefit of his considerable experience is immensely helpful in providing a space to reflect. There is great safety in supervision with Tom, which is always thought-provoking and followed by challenge: a few subtle questions can provide food for thought for months.


Sarah Adamo   Finance ManagerSarahAdamo

The best money we’ve ever spent on training. Tom ran a leadership development programme with our management team and achieved incredible results. As a team, we are now much more cohesive, focused and motivated, and we’re communicating in a much better way. The course really has transformed the team and the business. Tom’s interactive style of delivery engaged everyone, so that they felt able to contribute effectively to the conversations. We are exploring ways in which Tom will work with us in the future.



Maggie Turner   Training Sales and Customer Service Manager at LRQAMaggieT

I engaged Tom to run a team build as a kick start to the new year for my sales team, focusing on their individual strengths.Tom’s style is relaxed and engaging and all of my team enjoyed what was a very lively and interactive session, with plenty of useful content and good learning for all those involved. I would certainly welcome Tom back to run further workshops for us and have no hesitation in recommending him to others.


Tom Mallens Managing Director of Fibrecore Ltd 

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I attended one of Tom’s talks on emotional intelligence and really enjoyed it. Tom has a relaxed and yet highly effective delivery style that helped me learn a lot of helpful key points in a short time. Thanks to his excellent examples and story-telling skills, they were points that I not only understood but felt able to put into action to help improve my emotional intelligence (and most importantly worry, stress and nerves too). I have no doubt that Tom’s talks and more in-depth workshops would give corporate teams a lot of genuinely practical and immediately useful ideas, skills, knowledge and know-how. Fascinating stuff.

Bomme Stuber Director of Kinderrroom

Place image hereI would highly recommend Tom’s workshop on emotional intelligence. Tom’s style is confident, well paced and delivered in a way that accommodates both those with prior knowledge of the subject matter as well as new beginners. Tom is very insightful and puts over principles with practical everyday examples that you can relate to. My take away from this session has enabled me to study my emotions more closely and in particular, know when to set things aside and walk away,  ultimately discovering strength, inner peace and less pain. As well as delivering all  of that, the session was good fun. I would highly recommend it.


Place image hereJo Webb   Assistant Vice-Principal of Whitley Academy

I attended Tom Dillon’s ‘How to Have Difficult Conversations’ workshop, as my role at work demands that sometimes I have ‘difficult conversations’ with colleagues. I knew I had a particular difficult conversation coming up that was ‘high stakes’ so I was interested to see what perspectives and strategies Tom could offer. The workshop enabled participants to break down the context behind difficult conversations and gave them a model for how they might be approached. The exercises we undertook were also useful in allowing me to think about my difficult conversation in new ways and prepare me for it. It was useful that other participants in the workshop also shared their viewpoints and it made me realise that by anticipating the response of my colleague, I could build a win-win situation. Tom’s manner is calm and draws on models of coaching as well as his business experience; his input was thought-provoking and the style of the workshop appealed to people with a range of learning preferences. When I had my ‘difficult’ conversation later that week with my colleague, it went better than I could have expected. We had a thoroughly amicable and yet uncompromisingly honest meeting which proved to be a turning point an important working relationship in a high pressure environment. We both recognise the importance of that one conversation



Caroline Woodward   Partner at The Symphony Group 

 Tom has an easy manner about him so, when you hear him present, you feel as though he’s having a personal conversation with you. This helps absorb the information he’s delivering so you can use it in practical ways in the ‘real’ world. 


Louise Huggett   Consultant at Professional Recruitment Ltd

I have found Tom’s relaxed style and personable approach has suited me well in assisting me with my goals. I would feel confident in recommending Tom to anyone looking to develop and grow.


Jo Dufty   Founder of Virtual Finance Manager

After completing the MBTI questionnaire Tom really took the time to help me understand my results/outcome and what my ‘Type’ and ‘Preferences’ are. This provided me with a great insight and a greater understanding of the relationships I have, both professional and personal. Tom is very easy to work with and shows great knowledge and understanding of people.

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