Coach Training Programmes

At Silver Lobster we have vast experience of delivering training programmes for coaches, whether they’re encountering coaching for the first time or whether they are looking to develop their knowledge and skills and take their coaching to a new level.

We currently provide coaching programmes within the NHS, The University of Warwick and a number of private companies.

Whether it’s training managers to use coaching skills, training internal coaches from scratch or developing an existing cohort of coaches we have the development programmes to suit, including our Leader as Coach programme, which is recognised by the Association for Coaching. Beyond this we have a more extensive Coaching Certificate qualification and Transformational Coaching Diploma, both of which are accredited by the Association for Coaching.

Leader as Coach Qualification

20 hours of learning involving online modules and face to face workshops

Accredited Coaching Certificate

A twelve-week, 60 hour programme, designed to train internal coaches in organisations to be able to coach colleagues and team members effectively.

Transformational Coaching Diploma

A six-month 120-hour transformational coach development programme for those with a basic knowledge of coaching who want to take their coaching to the next level and bring about transformational change for those they are working with.

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