Culture Change

An important element of the work we undertake is in collaborating with leaders to establish an organisational culture that is representative of the values and the desired vision of the organisation. We begin this process by identifying the existing culture through the use of a confidential culture audit.

Starting with a series of conversations with staff members and stakeholders we begin to uncover the ways that the people in the organisation think, feel and behave. We then analyse the information gleaned from those conversations, looking for themes that help to understand the prevailing culture.  Often, the use of a culture audit will help to identify unhelpful ways of thinking and behaving, but will also shine a light on innovative and creative thinking and positive aspects of the culture that can be developed and built upon.

Based on the results of the culture audit we work with leaders and their teams to develop a new culture that is more conducive to team cohesion, high performance and a healthy working environment that respects the individual differences of team members and other stakeholders.

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